‘One foot infront of the other’

Nobody wants to wait for little miracles, nobody wants to say am feeling insecure and so unsure,it’s just hard to be big when I feel am small and immature~Sia

A miracle is what happens when something so extraordinary occurs that coincidence is a foolish explanation.~ Mary Morrissey

Do you believe in little miracles ?Do you believe in little steps in life,are you excited about little achievements?,are you amused by even the tiniest goals you reach?Do you celebrate yourself when you attain an amountable size of something?Or do you wait for bigger glorifications?

I personally, intentionally believe in the most subtle step there is.I believe in the beauty of a single step.I believe in the jubilations of an award,not because it’s big but because someone did something to deserve it.Every single goal reached calls for an applause to me,and sets my soul on melodious vibrations.Tiny steps seem to strike just the right chords in my system somehow, because no matter the underlying circumstances, someone managed to come out with something!

I can shamelessly admit that I’ve not had the best life yet, that my childhood was not a chocolate bar,that my family has never had the softest path,but I can surely attest to little miracles and small reasons to take credit for an input of effort for results.Growing up, I never saw any meal that came so easily,no fee,no clothes and no shelter too,they all took an enormous effort and strain,so I know what a hurdle life can be.I also know how unreasonable it can be to tell someone that they need to celebrate a very minute achievement when all they are thinking of is how they could even raise higher.Honestly,I have had the most humbling of situations,those that put you down and suffocate you threatening to strangle you to death,as brutal as it may sound I know it’s true.

Life once seemed to me like a collection of times when you suffered,times when you failed, times when you never attained,times when you loosed and finally how the sufferings put you down.This collection is then chronologically placed and put into either an audiobook,a series movie,or a song.It is then played in your mind,time after time, sometimes and basically all the time.You find yourself listening to the song singing in your head, watching the scenes playing so clearly at the back of your mind and the pages of the book flipping over and over each line resounding in your mind.I don’t know if you can feel me.Can you?

I once worked so hard inorder to see a light at the end of the tunnel only to see an opening of another.When life seemed so desolate and helpless I seeked for the inspiration within.Because clearly I couldn’t look without.I won’t fail to say that mum takes credit for motivating and giving me strength to fight harder but I also must admit that my own urge and willingness to seek hope and draw immense inspiration from within has saved me a great deal.I am, my number one motivator and,my very first inspiration.I generate energy from me because I chose to believe in me.I carry out my goals and objectives very spiritedly because the little voice in the abyss of my heart tells me,’go girl, don’t just quit before the miracle!’.Keep trying,keep up the faith,keep up the spirit, don’t just quit yet.Whenever you feel so tired and your hands can do much, just put one foot infront of the other, repeatedly, you’ll soon realize that you’re moving forward!!

Birds don’t just fly, they fall down and get up.Even when you reach the end,you can start again.Feel appreciated for any step you’ve made,viva!!

“We are all one”

Am starting to learn that this 🌍 world,is just a place for us to learn that we need each other more than we want to admit.

~Richelle E.Goodrich

Maybe the reason why we feel good after helping others is because some small parts within us remembers and connects to the knowing that we are all one.

~Akiroq Brost


Hey there personπŸ‘‹,To you I might be a stranger,a person you know not,but I wanna let you know that I care about you!!! You’re the reason why I want to live the next minute just to see what becomes of you when you don’t give up!!I treasure you,I think about you and sometimes I say a prayer for you, because I want the best out of you.I want you to know that despite all those who hate on you, despite all those who take your hurts for granted, despite all those who benefit from your brokenness and expound on your fears and even take pleasure in hurting you, against all bad blood around you,I love you and am here for you.β˜€οΈβ€οΈπŸŒπŸ˜”

I, have intentionally decided to show up for anyone who needs some butter on their bread,some warmth on a cold day,some rainbow on their cloud,some smile in a stern atmosphere,some umbrella amidst the rain and some chocolate on a gloomy day.Not because am perfect but because am present.I believe that no one can help everyone but everyone can help someone.😊😊

This particular article has been in my heart even before I decided to put it down into words so as to bring it to you,and am really glad that you’re taking your time to read through it.It was planted in the soil of my heart and has progressively germinated to a seedling 🌱..a healthy one which fights against all odds to be able to mature and thrive 🌻πŸ’ͺ.

Just the other day as I was walking through the streets of ‘What’s App’,and I came across a meme which read ” Utashinda ukiambia kila mtu niliku-heartbreak,receive healing buanaa”..translation(Will you keep telling everyone that I broke your heart,then mocks the person).it was then captioned with some laughing emoji(πŸ˜‚).Apart from that one mentioned meme,there are so many others of the same kind.Which are thoughtlessly created and posted. I know someone might not find sense in what am about to say as they’ll think memes are not to be taken as seriously.Well,I don’t think so.

It is ignorant to think of such lightly.It is sad to imagine how cold our hearts have grown to be,it is breaking to think of how malicious our words are getting.It is so unfortunate that this are the most celebrated,most glorified,most accustomed to and sorry to say the most posted words on our walls.Putting myself in the shoe of these people,I can’t imagine how much salt is added to their wounds everydayπŸ€•,how pierced and injured they get day by day. Am not speaking of matters heartbreak alone,am talking about how numb we all are of each other.Look at how self-love has been given praises and advocated for,look at how everyone puts themselves first.”It’s all about me, myself and I”

No one gives a damn about anyone,I hurt you because I was hurt,I can’t help you because I was not helped.We are kind of capitalizing our joy and satisfaction at the expense of someone else’s brokenness, suffering and pain.Dalai lama,a great philosopher and indian author once said ;”Our prime purpose in this life is to help others and if you can’t help them, atleast don’t hurt them” ,but I tend to think we are exactly the opposite,we keep hurting the hurted and breaking the broken πŸ’”πŸ’”.

I need you now,you might need me tomorrow.

‘You can,You will’

miracle minute by Mary Morrissey

“They conquer those who believe they can”

Blessed are those who believe in the materialization of their lofty dreams,for their most coveted goals will take shape before their own sight!!

It’s not quite easy to get anything done in life..it is actually where we place our attention that matters.Someone once said that ‘where you place your attention, you place your intention’Which I totally agree with .In fact, the universe knows what we are truly desiring by where we place our attention; because the universe gives us power of focus and power of free will. Focus then enables us to concentrate.

Believe is very important in life, for example ,what do you believe you can do?How far do you believe you can go?How much more do you believe you can make out of your hustle?Who do you believe you can be? Name it all!! It’s a 😒 sad truth that we fail to trust ourselves making it hard for us to believe in ourselves,yet believing makes it easier to keep ourselves motivated and energized πŸ’ͺ😊.

Look at you, sulky, thinking that you can’t be a conquerer.Stressed out with insecurities,held down with uncertainties.I don’t know who you are and where you’re from but give it time,have hopes, hold on,wait on,just don’t give up yet😍.. believe,tell it to yourself everyday.

My highschool principal, who is my mentor and close friend just called to remind me how to confront my fears and stick to believing I can!! Come to think of it,I believe 😊,to where I am right now in life,it’s because I one day conceived the idea of a possibility;a positive thought about a not very predictable future.I believed I could, and I did!!

Dear young girl,young man, young parent,young couple,young student,young business person,what do you believe?? Then it can be!!

Don’t compromise,just because you can’t see it clearly,the future is to be bright 🌞,if only you believe.Chase your dreams, promise you will!!You can, you surely will

I believe in You,you need to too❀️

“Grass ain’t greener on the other side but where it is watered.”

You probably have heard this phrase,or rather something to do with it.Incase you have not the phrase is used to compare two situations, one which is better than the other is said to be greener and the other just green mostly the fading color of dry grass in a drought if am to bring out the mind picture more clearly..

Sometimes dry green grass seems mundane to even look at and we just want an escape of the mere sight of it.We get elated by something new,or rather a more fascinating thing than a present scene or state that we’re in.That’s how were wired to be and that’s why it takes discipline to instead water our grass and enjoy the sight of the neighbors grass which looks greener.

Grass might mean lifestyle,it might mean a relationship,a job,a political party,a religious entitlement,a goal,or even a small thing like a toy for a baby.We are often tempted to badly want the other,and when we can’t get it we are bubbled and broken by our greed.We go for higher lifestyles only to find ourselves eating our savings and not our profits,we go for greener jobs only to realize that it has way greater responsibilities and hence bigger burdens.We opt out of relationships with people we think are way too low for our specifications only to get more broken..we then remember the genuine persons we had in our lives,them who loved and care for us before we were overtaken by rapidity for more.

It is hard to admit but yeah,water your grass,that’s how it gets greener πŸ’š!!

Water it,trust me it’ll be this!

Thanks me later,😊❀️


About me post!!

Am grateful to have a chance to converse with you,a chance to share life,to be able to sail together!!! isn’t that great?

Elian is my beautiful name,a 19 years young lady who is in love with existence!!just being able to exist with you In the Same decade, continent, life makes us share alot!!

I believe in existing loudly and friendlily because it only happens once to everyone!Being able to put up with the whirls of life is golden,it Is heroic,it is epic and so lovely..that makes you a sailor with me..

I love writing because it’s so therapeutic to me,I have been journaling for quite some time in my life, and guess what? I realized you’re all missing much and I decided to create this boat..so we can sail and let the good times roll .I love human beings because despite the whims we’re in,we manage a smile 😊,manage a laugh πŸ˜‚ and yeah I love us!!! So this is basically for us,talk to me,I talk to you,let’s sail with Elian ❀️